Black Velvet Fabric

To a textile or fashion designer, black velvet fabric represents the ultimate in luxury and good taste. The fabric itself was once reserved for the aristocracy and the color is symbolically significant to peoples from all cultures of the world. To many people, black velvet fabric is one very big deal. To a segment of […]

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

It’s not likely a quilter sets her (or his) mind to devising a new pattern and giving it a unique, new name right on the spot. It’s more likely that a quilt maker works with fabrics on hand and develops a pleasing way to display them, with patterns that garner particular favor or requests for […]

Fabric Quilting

Broderie perse is a style of quilting that was very popular in the United States between 1775 and 1840. It is a form of fabric quilting versus quilting by pattern design, in that the design of printed fabric was cut out and sewn onto a solid colored background, with the cutouts becoming the decorative element. […]

Antique Quilts

There’s no one moment in time that marks the turning point from antique quilts to contemporary quilts but most quilting historians and enthusiasts like to look at the hundred-year mark as a dividing line. The untrained eye may not be able to spot a quilt from antiquity but knowing a little bit about what it […]

Antique Quilt

Quilts have become the objects of folk art collectors from all around the world and it’s their high demand that makes finding an antique quilt such a thrill. Perhaps not so thrilling is paying for these highly prized, and very expensive, works of art. Finding them, and paying for them, is almost as tricky as […]

Amish Quilts

The Amish community in the United States is famous for its lovely quilts. These Amish quilts reflect the lifestyle and spiritual values of the women who make them and are prized throughout the world for their high quality of workmanship and simple but elegant design. The Amish lifestyle is based on two key concepts, hochmut […]

Art Quilts

Artisans are that special breed of person who can take something that is entirely functional and turn it into something that is just as lovely to use as it is helpful. When it comes to turning function into art quilts are an outstanding example of blending the two goals. It may have been boredom that […]

Baby Quilts

Some of the most irresistible quilts ever are those designed for the littlest sleepers. Baby quilts are often one of the first items considered when the announcement is made that a new baby is on the way. Thoughts of a new baby bring thoughts of a new nursery, too, and one of the quickest and […]

Black Cotton Fabric

In many cases, black fabric is considered a color reserved for somber occasions and quilts made from black cotton fabric are no different. In fact the use of this particular fabric is characteristic of the quilts made by one particular ethnic population in the United States and, in another instance, it places the quilt at […]

Log Cabin Quilt

A log cabin quilt is a great pattern for novice quilters. It’s a familiar, traditional design so the finished product will surely make the novice feel a sense of accomplishing a time-honored craft and it’s made with straight lines, so learning to maneuver the pieces of fabric isn’t as complicated as a more intricate pattern […]