Hand Made Quilt

Hand Made Quilt Today a hand made quilt is more of a work of art than a bedcover. With the remarkably artistic quilt patterns available ; you get to see some breathtaking quilts that personify character. Hand made quilts are a remarkable piece of art that are even better to own. A quilt could be […]

American Patchwork Quilting

American Patchwork Quilting Irish emigrants brought the art of patchwork to America. Thus began the exchange of ideas, patterns and samples of fabrics across the Atlantic. Their experience in the country inspired Americans to create unique patterns reflecting their ideas. Dutch and the English colonists brought and developed quilting in America gradually. Soon American patchwork […]

Handmade Baby Quilt

Handmade Baby Quilt A handmade baby quilt is one of the most treasured gifts you could give the family with a newborn baby. Handmade quilts augment the room where they are used for keeping a sleeping child warm. They are made of fine cotton and are extra soft for snuggling sleeping babies. These quilts add […]

Applique Quilt Patterns

Applique Quilt Patterns The word ‘Appliqué’ is derived from the French word ‘appliquer’, which implies to "put on". In the appliqué method, one sheet of material is positioned above another sheet of material and is stitched in that position. Appliqués release an entire new world of designs to the quilters setting aside a lot of […]

Hawaiian Quilt Pattern

Hawaiian Quilt Pattern The Hawaiian Quilt pattern is admired by most, but very few know how to make a Hawaiian quilt. Different from the traditional and other typical quilts, the Hawaiian Quilt and its design could appear simple, but are tough to replicate. The first known mention of Hawaii quilting was in 1820, when the […]

Asian Dragon Tattoos

Asian Dragon Tattoos Asian dragon tattoos are among one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. For years, tattoo enthusiasts and people looking to get that one special tattoo have opted for Asian dragon designs. Dragons are perceived differently in Asian traditions than in Western ones. While the dragons of Western folklore tend […]

Hawaiian Quilt Patterns

The Hawaiian Quilt Patterns And Their Value The Hawaiian quilt patterns are of significance because most of the quilt patterns from Hawaii have been made without any purpose working at the back of the creator’s mind. There are many quilt owners who dreamt of a certain quilt design and then turned it into reality. Hawaiian […]

Asian Print Fabric

Asian Print Fabric Asian print fabrics are among the best in the world. With a wide variety of designs, you can choose your favorite . They can be used in several ways; in trade shows, lobby displays, signage and museum displays. Whether designer clothes, furniture or classy curtains, Asian print fabrics are world famous for […]

Hmong Story Cloth

Hmong Story Cloth Hmong are an ancient tribe originally from China, Laos and Burma. They were nomads and because they used to move frequently, their material was very light and easy to transport. The traditional Hmong attires are known as paj ntaub or flower cloth. It is not only complex but also comprises of a […]

Asian Quilt Fabric

Asian Quilt Fabric Though the fabric, techniques and motifs may vary from one country to another, quilting is considered to be a world famous art. Asian quilt fabric undergoes a finishing process involving a number of steps. It helps to set the dyes and makes the fabric softer. Asian quilt fabric is used to make […]