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Ethnic Design Books Ethnic Paper Dolls Ethnic Story Books Books and Publications Ethnic Coloring Books Categories: African Hawaiian Native American African-American India Latin/South American Chinese Japanese "Other" AFRICAN COLORING BOOKS A Coloring Book of Ancient Africa. Bellerophon: 1986. ISBN: 0883880903 [No picture available -PUBLISHER OUT OF STOCK] A Coloring Book of Ancient Egypt. Bellerophon: 1988. […]

Story Books

Ethnic Design Books Ethnic Coloring Books Ethnic Paper Dolls Books and Publications Ethnic Story Books (Quilting or Textile Related) Catergories: African Hawaiian Korean African-American Hmong Latin / South American Chinese Japanese Native American AFRICAN STORY BOOKS Ahiagble, Gilbert and Louise Meyer. Master Weaver from Ghana. 1998. All ages. [cover picture] "Bobbo", is a contemporary male […]

Australia Books

Resources Books and Publications AUSTRALIAN / NEW ZEALAND Beasley, Harry. "Weaving Peg". Journal of the Polynesian Society vol.44, p.65. Notes on an ancient Turuturu. Best, Eldson. "The art of the Whare Poru : notes on the clothing of the ancient Maori, their knowledge of preparing, dyeing, and weaving various fibres, together with some account of […]

Chinese Books

Books and Publications CHINESE Appelbaum, Stanley (ed.). Traditional Chinese Designs. Click Here to Order D’Addetta, Joseph. Treasury of Chinese Design Motifs. [no picture available] Click Here to Order Dye, Daniel Sheets. Chinese Lattice Designs. Click Here to Order Dye, Daniel. The New Book of Chinese Lattice Designs [no picture available] Click Here to Order Fok, […]

Hati Books

Books and Publications HAITI Cosentino, Donald. Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou. Click Here to Order Girouad, Tina. Sequin Artists of Haiti. Cecilia, LA: Girouard Art Projects: 1994. [Out-of-Print] Polk, Arthur. Haitian Voudou Flags. Click Here to Order


A Little Quilt History…The Hawaiian Way : Several pages of history from Quilts Hawaii about the Hawaiian quilting Aloha From Hawaii: Article about Helen Friend, a Hawaiian master quilt artist. Several of her quilts are shown. Canoe Plants of Ancient Hawai’i: Information about wauke, the paper mulberry tree, which is the plant from which bark […]


About Molas: Excellent information about molas, including how the quality of a mola is determined. All About Molas and the Kuna Indians: Site gives information about the origin and development of molas and how to determine the age of vintage molas. Has a picture of a woman working on a mola – clickable for a […]


A "Star" is Born: Native American quilter Polly (member of the Three Affiliated Tribes – Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara) demonstrates how Star Quilts are created. Agard Family Quilts : Quilts made by Native American Lakota who are members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in McIntosh, South Dakota. Alberta J Aspen & Michael Beasley : […]

South America

An Arpillera From Chile: Includes brief information about how they came into existence Alex Lomonaco : Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, at Midnight – Medium: Pure cotton, dyed cotton strings on linen Arpilleras: This is a commercial site that sells arpilleras dealing with non-controversial subjects. Many images, clickable several times for close up views. Arpilleras: […]