Chenille Quilt

What Makes Chenille Quilt So Special

Chenille Quilt is a sort of fabric made out of short length piles. This particular yarn usually comprises of cotton materials, however the term chenille has a different significance. Chenille is also used to describe materials such as acrylic, rayon and olefin fibers. Chenille Quilt offers a soft feel and reflects delicate luster. The Chenille Quilts are comfortable as well as durable, so great for everyday use.

The characteristics of Chenille Quilt

These quilts are extremely light in weight and they can pamper you much with their softness and fluffiness. The material is quite safe for your skin and thus quilts of the Chenille variety are best for babies. You do not need to spend much to buy Chenille Quilts, as they are quite affordable. Moreover, it is quite easy to maintain the fabric, which can be cleansed easily. This quilt variety has moisture-absorbing capacity and the Chenille fabrics are abrasion resistant as well.

Considering the process of quilting Chenille Quilts, it can endure extreme cold and chilly conditions. Chenille is a tough material and therefore it has high abrasion resisting capability. Chenille Quilts can be made using both your hands and sewing machine. This particular quilt variety has three distinct layers – the top most layer, the middle insulating layer and finally the backing. The stitching should be in proper way when the needle is passed through all the three layers from every corner of the quilting material.

A Chenille Quilt is quilted in different patterns and the stitches are done in a way to give form to several designs. Such quilting form makes use of patchwork patterns and this makes things look much more elegant and colorful.

At times more than two colors or designs are used to construct a chenille quilt in order to form a remarkable contrasting effect – offering out of the way shapes and forms. The patchwork used in this particular variety of quilt can be combined with exquisite embroidery and other exemplary needle- work to give the finished product a more dandified look.

Chenille Quilt is much preferred by residents of the Western world as a sort of quilt variety, which is easy to launder and dry.

Chenille Quilt for babies

This is made at Gramma’s Toys N’ Treasures by Gramma Louise and comes with a matching chenille pillow. The item has been constructed by using the best vintage cotton chenille fabric available and it is finely combined with the softest new flannelette and filled with 100% polyester hypo-allergenic fiber fill. However, you should know one thing. The pillows, which come with chenille quilt for babies, are just decorative pieces and babies should not be allowed to sleep on these pillows.

Thus, when you would like to try a quilt, which is extremely soft and comfortable, your choice should always be Chenille Quilt.