map of China18th Century Emperor’s Hunting Cape: China, Qing Dynasty [1644-1911]

Christina’s Craft Mart: Website of a small business owned by Kindergarten teacher Christina Fung who lives in Hong Kong and is trying to find other Chinese in Hong Kong with an interest in quilting. In her own words:

"I created this site is not only selling my products and my classes. The main reason is to pass along the quilt arts, exspically in Hong Kong. We have quilter from around the world here, but not many Chinese, may be just not as I know. I hope to have more related with the people interest in quilt art. If you are a quilter in Hong Kong, or if you are interest in quilting, please send me an e-mail. Hope to hear from you."

I’m sure she would love to receive e-mail from people around the world.

Folk Fabric : Folk Fabric : This article is about a 350-metre long quilt made of 1,000 pieces of cloth created [in China, by Chinese] to symbolize the need to preserve China’s folk art. This is an extremely interesting article, particularly about why a quilt was selected as the message medium. Scroll about half-way down the page to find it.

Heaven’s Embroidered Cloths – One Thousand Years of Chinese Textiles:1995 exhibit at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Scroll ¼ way down page for wonderful images, clickable for exceptional close-up views, of incredible textiles. Exquisite! Be sure to read the introduction for a brief historical perspective.

One Hundred Good Wishes Quilting Project: There is a tradition in the northern part of China to make a quilt when a child is born from 100 scraps of fabric donated to the mother. It is believed that wrapped in the quilt, the child receives energy and luck from the persons from whom the fabric was acquired.

· More information about the project

Quilt of the Bai Nationality (Yunnan):

Whole Cloth Quilt : circa 1901 – 1920. Acquired in China in 1916 by grandfather of present owner.

Zhang Lei – Quilt Artist : Zhang Lei is an artist living and educated in China that works in several disciplines, including textiles. She has been exhibited widely internationally, including the United States. The only description for her work is, “exceptional!”. Following are examples:

· “Soft Archive (IV)”

· “Soft Archive (IV)” (not the same as above)

· “Soft Archive (III)”

· “Soft Archive (III)” (not the same as above)

· “Soft Archive (I)”

· “Soft Documents No. 1”

· “Soft Documents No. 2”

· “Soft Documents No. 3”

· Soft Archive – “Han Dynasty Poem”