Crib Quilt

Crib Quilt Is A Wonderful Gift For The Newborns

A crib quilt can keep your baby warm for a long time. Crib quilts have two layers of fabric with batting and insulating materials positioned rightly in between the fabric. These quilts are made from a wide range of textiles. Nowadays the crib quilts are highly in demand. However, the size of the quilts is not always the same, as they tend to change depending on when the crib was actually constructed.

During the 1900s, the sizes of the crib quilts were more or less 30 inches by 54 inches. In contemporary times, the sizes of crib quilts measure about 45 inches by 60 inches. However, a crib quilt of this particular measurement can comfortably fit into a standard full-length of baby crib. In case, you have some doubt about the exact length and breadth of a quilt, take a proper measurement of the crib before setting a quilt.

If you desire that the quilt will last throughout the childhood period of your kid then you must go for a material which will last long and which you can handle and maintain quite easily. Remember, when choosing a material for a crib quilt it is important that you keep three things in mind – versatility, comfort and durability. It is sensible that you go for natural fibers because only this textile variety will never irritate your darling’s skin.

Choose flannel. This is a hundred percent cotton variety, which will take utmost care of your baby’s skin. If you are looking for longevity of the quilt, always choose dark colors, otherwise the quilt will start looking pale with time and use. Do not ever go for white colored crib quilt because it might turn gray within a short period. You can simply go for patch worked quilts. Such multicolored stuffs look more vibrant and sophisticated.

If you wish to amuse your kid then just go for a crib quilt with various patterns and motifs. Pictures of bears and lions, shapes of alphabets, symbols of stars and even shapes of insects on the crib quilt would indeed look great.

These crib quilts are great gifts, especially for newborn babies. Often there is a shortage of quilts and blankets for the babies, so gifting quilts on occasions of birth is a fantastic idea in all respects.

What to consider while selecting a crib quilt

  • You have to consider the purpose of the quilt. It can be used as a cover, a bed cover or simply as a wall hanging.
  • Decide the size and pattern of the quilt you need. Whatever may be the color or the pattern of the crib quilt, it should definitely serve your purpose for which it has been bought.
  • Consider the fabric when longevity of the quilt matters you the most.

However, you must remember that the worth of a handmade quilt is always more than a ready made one. This is because when you are making a crib quilt yourself you are not only adding color, style and pattern to the stuff, but also adding emotions, love and affection to it.