Denim Quilt

Ways to make your desired Denim Quilt

Denim Quilt is a blue jeans quilt that is heavier in weight, making certain quilting patterns easier to illustrate. Remember one thing, the lighter the weight of your denim, the easier it will be for you to work and create small quilt patches. However, in case of heavy weight denim, it is best for you to stick to common shapes like bricks or squares. Now, these stuffs can form a greater part of your room’s décor.

Art of making denim quilt

  • You can make use of plain denim for certain patches and easily alternate these patches with denim prints.
  • If you do remember about ceramic tiles on the floors then make sure to select a more or less similar placement for the denim quilt blocks you are to make.
  • Make use of several denim colors in the quilt, so that you can create a different dramatic effect from one patch to the other.
  • Do you want to get hold of the best denim quality in an affordable price range? If so, then make sure to compare the prices.

However, before you start making a denim quilt, you must make sure to wash the new denim fabric more than once to allow the material feel and look even more soft and fresh. Another thing, which you must surely do, is to press the denim well before using it to make the quilt.

Managing the quilting process

Recycled denims have the tendency to scrim and thus it would be best if you sew large, plain blocks together with 1/2" seams. On the other hand, in case of lightweight denims, which do not usually have the tendency to fray, you can make use of 1/4" seams while creating blocks with comparatively smaller pieces of denim.

However, in case of denim quilts, you should always do the stitching with cotton thread or jeans thread that are available in a variety of colors. Try to use special denim needle and follow the suggestions specified in a sewing machine manual to get a perfect denim quilt.

Due to the heaviness and thickness of a denim quilt, it becomes difficult at times to take the needle in and out of the fabric. However, you can go for machine quilting when the stuff seems too much heavy to be controlled and this you can do by making use of walking foot or straight stitching. You can also do one thing – you can add large meander stitches to large areas to make things look a bit pretty and pleasant. However, for that pretty effect, you may also use plain or decorative cotton yarns for tying the denim quilt properly.

Inner lining of the denim quilt can be made with rolled fiberfill batting, or else just by making use of an old sheet. After the top and the bottom of the quilt have been made, it becomes quite heavy and this makes it hard for you to decide what you should use to fill the inside of the denim quilt. No doubt, the filling gives the material stability, but you should always keep in mind not to employ something that will further add weight to the quilt.

Once made, there is no doubt about the fact that the denim quilt with patches and shades of color would look simply great.