Fabric for Quilting

How To Choose The Best Fabric For Quilting

Fabric for quilting is an indispensable part of every beautiful quilt. You can have quilting fabrics of all shapes, sizes and colors and the material can be almost anything under the sun. However, you need to recognize that the fabric for quilting has to be apposite for the purpose. After you have decided on the design for your quilt, choose the right material type and seek the opinion of experts in this field.

How to choose the best quilt material

In order to make a perfect choice you can easily take the help of several tools for fabric selection. However, the puzzle lies in the fact that the place you should look for a fabric for quilting. There is a color wheel for you to make a contrast and comparison with colors – come to a final decision as to which color will be the best for your quilt.

The size of the color wheel varies and presents you with a wide array of color choices. However, the options for colors increase with increasing size of the color wheel. A color wheel holds all shades of colors. Thus, you should definitely consider and consult this resource before opting to buy a fabric for quilting.

After the color appears, select the type or kind of fabric for quilting to choose for the purpose. You can choose from anything – velvet, cotton or polyester. The fabric to choose is completely your decision. More than what material, you are choosing it is important that what quality material you are choosing. The quality of the material should always be the best. However, quilts made up of velvet, silk and pure wool is quite expensive.

It is also important to determine the purpose of making the quilt. If you are making the quilt for the purpose of room decoration then you should obviously make use of a delicate material, and don’t forget to keep it away from the reach of small children. However, if you require the quilt for a baby’s cot design then the emphasis should always be on the durability of the fabric for quilting.

Different design of the fabric for quilting

You can use traditional fabrics for quilting and the Woodrow Studio and Maywood Studio are the places for you to look for such stuffs. These materials usually come with century chintzes, paisleys, and Victorian floral patterns. You can easily recognize such a fabric for quilting as they always come with designs like cherries, roses, stars, leaves and branches as well as little buds.

However, there are several modern quilting patterns too from designers like Debbie Mumm, and Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries. These are mainly innovative motifs in bright, jazzy colors. Quilts with such designs are best for wall hangings and other display pieces.

You may also come to find a wide array of Christmas fabrics particularly for special holiday quilts and quilted pillows. Rachel’s of Greenfield is a fabric for quilting based on themes like "The Carolers," "Snowman," and "Santa." Thus, while choosing a fabric for quilting, you must remember three basic things – the quality, the color and the design of the material.