Feather Quilt

Essence of an Alluring Feather Quilt

A feather quilt is quite beautiful, adorned with feathers forming lively patterns. This kind of quilt makes use of the feathers as design elements. Typically, the feathers are available in a range of colors from scintillating gold to dark brown and put on an elegantly curved border around a conventionally feathered circle.

The feathers used in the feather quilt are cut by making use of the AccuCut Roller Die Cutting System; this system is applicable with all the quilters as well as craftsmen. You can get the feathers precut and then follow it by fusing the feather shapes into the background and get it appliquéd with the help of a machine. You will get a plastic pattern that is included in this quilt pattern, enabling you to trace and cut your own feathers for your quilt.

Getting acquainted with feather quilting

In order to get fabulous feather quilts, you must go for feather appliquéing against a black background. Exclusive designs with feathers can be carved from a multi-colored fabric in a solid piece. Further, you can also attach these to the background using needle-turn appliqué. The bright colored feather designs would appear just ravishing, against a black backdrop. The next step will be to get the spines of the feathers embroidered; this will lend your feather quilt a complete look and add a high definition to it as well.

You could also do some reverse appliquéing to fill up the negative spaces on the quilt. You need to trace three curved edges to form spines that are used in making swags, plumes as well as running border designs. You can trace cutout feather shapes conveniently onto the paper or trace it directly onto the quilt top.

It will be wonderful to choose from the dozen different sizes and shapes, which have the capacity to give shape to numerous feather designs. The hot favorites among the feather designs are the straight and undulating lines, hearts, circles, swags, plumes, scallops, paisleys and most prominently the Double Wedding Ring designs.

Once you get started with the feather quilt, you are sure to fall in love with the art of quilting. If you try your hand at making a feather quilt, you would realize that it is quite a pleasure to create something as enticing as this.