Free Applique Patterns

Create Free Applique Patterns to Make Wonderful quilt

Free applique patterns are available in several forms and shapes. Online, you find several applique patterns according to your need. For quilts at home, you can go for free applique designs like hands, rocking horses, houses, leaves, hearts, holiday shapes and a lot more other varieties. Just print them out, cut them in shape and use them as quilt applique patterns.

When you go online, it becomes difficult for you to choose as you are provided with innumerable free applique quilt patterns. However, which pattern you are to choose entirely depends on the purpose for which the quilt is used. If you are to look for designs for your children’s quilts then make sure to select shapes of dolls, cartoon figures, fruits and characters of fairy tales. On the other hand, for quilts required for room decoration and other purposes the design may change.

Making free applique patterns

In order to form free applique quilt patterns, you would have to collect several things from various parts of your house. Now use your imagination and thinking skills. Here are some hints:

  • You can make use of cookie cutters in trying to trace out basic shapes of heart, flowers and stars.
  • Go through several crafting books and magazines to find designs and shapes, which can be copied and clipped.
  • In this mission of free applique designs, you can also take help from your kids. They can draw out some shapes for you. Use them as appliqués on quilts.
  • Just walk around the house and look for things, which can serve as potential sources of inspiration for free applique patterns.
  • Why don’t you try and draw out something yourself; you’ll get free applique patterns. You are sure to feel proud to see your own designs on the quilts.

How to apply the patterns

After you have decided on the free applique patterns just sit down and sew pieces of fabrics to give a particular design to your quilt. Sew the foundation material and create a fabulous design. The idea of a quilt applique is quite a simple one. Just follow the rules and create the shape with free applique patterns – finished product is surely a gorgeous piece.