Image of a Vodou Flag
Haitian - Vodou Flags


Arts of Haiti - Vodou Flags: 8 pages with large images of flags, including sequined.

Flags by Oleyant Antoine : This is one of the most well known Vodou Flag artists. Site shows several examples of his 
         Image:UCLA Fowler Museum                work.

Haitian Art Spirit Flags: Commercial site showing many examples.

Haitian Vodou Flags, or Drapo : A stunning example is shown as well as information provided about the art.

Les Artisans Du Vodou : Shows the work of several of the top Haitian artists that create voodoo flags

Sacred Arts of Haitian Voudou: Image of "Drapo For Danbala" by Antoine Oleyant, circa 1981-1992.

Sequin Arts: This is the commercial site of Carib Creations that has many beautiful examples of sequin flags and drapos.

Sequined Spirits - Contemporary Vodou Flags: Past exhibition at the Fowler Museum. Beautiful image of one flag is shown, with Information about the art form.

Sylva Joseph : Is one of the world’s most renown Voodoo flag makers. Also shown are a nephew and a colleague to whom the tradition is being passed. Some information about how the flags are created is given. Click on his name to see examples of Sylva’s work.

Veves, Ritual Symbols: Clickable images of some of the symbols used in constructing voudan flags.

Voodoo Flag Art (Praying Cloths): Commercial site but shows some beautiful examples with detail explanations about each.
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