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Brandon, Reiko Mochinaga. The Hawaiian Quilt.

Picture of The Hawaiian Quilt Features 52 Hawaiian quilts in full color, including 37 historic quilts from the collection of the Honolulu Academy of Art. Text in English and Japanese.
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Cox J. w/ E. Stasack. Hawaiian Petroglyphs. Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum Special Publications.[no picture available] Click Here to Order

Hawaiian Quilt. Japan Pub: 1989. 132 pages. Over 50 full color plates depicting antique and contemporary quilts.

Kwiatkowski, P.F. Na Ki`i Pohaku: A Hawaiian Petroglyph Primer. [no picture available] Click Here to Order

Marsh, Carole. Let’s Quilt Hawaii and Stuff it Topographically. [no picture available]

Carole got this idea after seeing a North Carolina quilt where each county was done in a fabric that represented a crop and the quilt was stuffed topographically from the mountains to the sea! This idea and lots more make creating an Hawaii quilt perfect for a classroom project, art class, a geography lesson or any time you want your students to work together and have fun! Includes suggestions on how to keep the project simple or make it as elaborate as you like. Kids can do as a class project or each student can do individually. Hands-on history and more; includes directions and Hawaii map outline. Free teacher’s guide gives specific suggestions and instructions on how to get max educational value from this book. This book is STUFFED full of information and ideas!
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Peart, Jane. The Promise. This is a novel.

From the publisher: In The Promise, Peart takes the next generation to the island paradise of Hawaii, where Wesley and JoBeth’s daughter, Jana, is born. Growing up on the island with Hawaiian friends, Akela and Kimo, Jana loves Hawaii and hopes to never leave. Her carefree life is marred by the blight of prejudice, however. Jana struggles through years of painful separation from Kimo, and through the temptation to join the seductive world of her rich friend, Edith and her handsome brother, Bayard. Jana creates a traditional Hawaiian quilt, one that holds a secret, hidden in the heart of its creator. No pattern the same, no secret revealed before its time. Click Here to Order

Poakalani. Hawaiian Quilt: A Spiritual Experience
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Shaw, Robert. Hawaiian Quilt Masterpieces.

Picture of Rober Shaw BookRobert Shaw, author of America’s Traditional Crafts and Quilts: A Living Tradition, is widely recognized as one of the country’s leading experts on American folk arts and traditional crafts. 48 full-color plates Click Here to Order