Paj Ntaub by Chia Lo Ly

Hmong Quilts – Pa Ndau Reflect Hmong History: In-depth explanation of the intricate details of a quilt hanging in the Student Center at California State University-Fresno. No pictures.

Hmong Quilt : Depicts escape from Laos and the Communitst.

Hmong Storycloth: Traditional and Contemporary: Two images of storycloths in the collection of Michigan State University Museum

Hmong Textile Flower Cloth Art: This site shows 4 works by Chia Lo Ly, 3 using traditional designs, one using a non-traditional design.

Hmong Textiles: This page leads to access to many close-up views of Hmong textiles. Some of the files are extremely large.

Hmong Textiles : Collection of the University of California, Irvine. Many beautiful examples.

Images of Pa Ndaus: Part of a class project for a Minnesota school. Pa Ndaus sewn by the students and families of Saturn School in St. Paul, MN. Files are large.

Leeway Foundation 1997 Honorable Mention for Excellence in Fiber Art: Awarded to Hmong artist Pang Xiong Sikoun Sirirathasuk for her "Culture Quilt". Quilt is pictured.

Mayko’s Story: A Hmong Textile Artist in California : A picture of the artist, Mayko Xiong and one of her storycloths is shown. Also a book written and illustrated by June Anderson

Mayko’s story focuses on the embroidery skills of Mayko Xiong, one of many Hmong refugee women who settled in California’s Central Valley during the 1970s and 1980s. Mayko’s embroidered panels are called storycloths—pictures that illustrate the Hmong way of life and their experiences fleeing Laos in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. As a comparatively new folk art genre, storycloths were first made in the Thai refugee camps around 1975. The designs have changed over the years in response to American consumer tastes and the exposure to new ideas

Mural of a Hmong Quilt : This is a reproduction in paint of an original Hmong quilt made in a refuge camp.

Picture: Shows a Hmong woman working on as American-styled quilt against the backdrop of an Amish landscape.

The Fabric of Their Lives – Beauty, Tragedy Captured in Hmong Needlework: In-depth explanation of the art of Hmong needlework displayed at the Asian Moon Festival in Milwaukee. No pictures.

The Tiger and the Hunter Story Cloth: Part of the Developing Art and Humanities Curricula Through Technology website. The cloth pictured is typical of the textiles Laotian-Hmong women began to make when they lived as refugees in camps in Thailand and continue to make as settled immigrants in the United States, France, Canada, and Australia. Picture is clickable for close-up view. Design Motif Index: Site shows 36 examples of motifs used to produce "The Tiger and the Hunter" story cloth. Other Examples: Two additional samples are provided, also clickable for close-up view.

The Weavings of War: Extensive review with incredible pictures of a 1997 exhibition that includes a war rug from Afghanistan, Tai Lue weavings from Thailand, Hmong story cloths, and a Peruvian arpilleras.

World Stitch Quilts : These are quilts made by Hmong hilltribe women living in the remote hills of northern Thailand. The site is operated by a non-profit organization dedicated to helping them to supplement family incomes.