Horse Quilt

Selecting An Elegance And Rustic Horse Quilt

Horse quilt has become a favorite with all those involved in fox hunting or barrel racing. The horse theme in the form of percherons and painted ponies offer an elegant feel to those passionate about horses and enthusiastic horse riders.

A horse quilt looks simply great in a baby’s room or the nursery. Even if you have this quilt in your room, it will impart your room a stylish and bucolic outlook. Just close your eyes and imagine the picture of a crib comforter covered in a horse print fabric. DoesnÂ’t that enhance the splendor of your room?

Somewhat different from the norms, you can have horse print bedding set accompanying a solid background and that too in a proper color scheme. The background can also be adorned with printed stuff that is associated with horses or maybe horseback riding symbols like cowboy hats, boots or horseshoes.

Little girls start to fantasize when they get the Barbie and Pegasus bedding collection. Other mystical horses displayed on the quilts are also in huge demand among the small girls.

Choosing horse quilts

The horse quilt fits really well in the child’s room, be it a girl or a boy. The matching sheet sets are essential, so when you buy this kind of quilt make sure you have those. Make a good choice among the quilts of various colors and designs that will be having pictures of horses that are large; well, if it is for your baby, then it is better for you to have a quilt that will be displaying small pictures of horses spread all over the quilt. Either way, the horse quilt with your baby in it would look fabulous.

Those of you on a lookout for an adjustable horse quilt, you would be getting it in all of the normal bedding sizes; it is however advisable for you to get a size that is a bit larger than the normal size, as this enhances the level of luxury and comfort.

Usually, you will find a horse quilt being in darker shades of color such as brown, beige and green, which depict the color of trees and fields. If you want to stand out from the rest, then you can also get the quilts that illustrate fantasy in the colors of pink, purple and other rainbow hues.

If you are not pleased with the images of the horses on the quilts, and would like to have something unique of your own, then get the fabric for the ideal print and sew the horse design yourself to achieve what you have been seeking for. Do not wait, just go and get a horse quilt; you will simply cherish such a fascinating possession forever.