How to Quilt

A Guide on Learning How To Quilt

Knowing how to quilt is always a useful skill that you can employ to impress your kids and grandchildren, and get their praise in return. If you were looking forward to acquire this magnificent skill of quilting, it would be better to start quilting with your hand at first. Once you improve upon it, take to full-fledged quilting with the help of machines.

Quilting is a lovely handcraft, and offers great scope to the beginner in this field. Don’t worry at all, as there are several books and kits on quilting that will help you with information on how to quilt.

Starting from scratch

If you do not know how to quilt, there is nothing to lose heart. At the very beginning, strive towards having an understanding about the tools and materials that will be required for quilting. It would also be a good idea to have a basic conception on different facets of making quilts. In order to familiarize with the basics of quilting, you can go through a starter pack.

Other things you must have an idea about the fabrics, knowing about those that are readily usable and the ones that need pre-washing. The colors of the fabric should not run, as this will give you a quilt with different shades.

Process of making a quilt

After gaining information about the materials, the tools and the other stuffs, you can now head for your quilting project, “how to quilt” should no longer be a question for you. The quilt top takes long time for completion. You can make the quilt top from a number of different material pieces sewn together, and the outcome would be a random patchwork design.

Create several blocks having the similar design. Voila, you have your quilt top! However, the quilt top’s making might take up lots of your time, depending on its size, design and type.

Get the pattern you want from the pattern books or from the Internet. The pattern decides the manner in which blocks incorporate together. If you do not know how to quilt, it doesn’t matter. You can just start to have the sewing in straight lines.

There are many other factors that quilting requires you to keep in mind, for instance binding the edges of the quilt, the color choice of the fabric and other stuff. It seems to be quite easy to know how to quilt; once you learn the skills of making a quilt, you would be the owner of a wonderful talent all throughout your life.