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Applique - The Art of Cloth Decoration: Article about the applique tradition of Orissa and Rajastan.

Applique Works: The first item on this site is of a beautiful example of Orissa applique from the area of Pipili.

Aribharat : Picture and description of the embroidery of Kutch.

Art Revival Brings Profit: An article in the Daily Revolution about how the traditional craft of embroidering quilts (kanthas) has brought an economic revival the Bihar villages in rural Bhusaur, India.

Batik : Originated in India. Detailed article about this art form

Bengali Kantha : Click on picture for close-up view. Scroll down page for excellent information about kanthas.

Dana's Textile Travels: This site is devoted to the textile traditions of India. From here you can access information about Embroidery and Applique; Kalamkari - hand painted cloths; Shibori - tie dying; and others.

Embroidery Arts & Crafts of India : Article providing information about the many the styles found in India.

Gardens of the Punjab: October 2000 article by Nick Purdon reviewing the “Embroidered Gardens of the Punjab” exhibit. An beautiful woman’s shawl (a Phulkari) is shown, clickable for close-up viewing. Click on the “Exhibition” section in the right-side frame, then scroll down and click on the title.

Girls Education: Shows an embroidered quilt from rural India designed by Nirmala Devi and embroidered by Soni Kumari and Neelu Kumari from Ramnagar. Deals with lack of educational opportunities for females.

Gujurat : Information about and picture of embroidery and applique of Gujurat of which Aribharat is the best known style.

Kantha : circa 1875. Quilted and embroidered mat. Stitch Magazine

Kantha : description and example of patchwork embroidery by Bengali women

Kantha Work : Example with instructions about how it is created [NOTE: click on "Picture Gallery" to continue]

Mirroring the Culture of Gujurat : Article about the mirror work embroidery.

Nakshi Kantha Tapestries: Site about the embroidered quilts of Bangladesh. Shows several beautiful examples.

Phulkari : Example and description of the type of embroidery found in Punjab.

Phulkari - Flowering on Cloth : Extensive information about how it is created and its varying meanings.

Quilt (Kantha) Art of Bengal : Detailed article by Manjari Mohanty about the kantha. No pictures.

Rilli: This is a cotton applique and reverse applique rilli (quilt) from Gujarat, India in the collection of The Museum for Textiles.

Rilli: Beautiful example, but cannot access an enlarged view.

Revival of an Imperial Craft - Zardozi : Article about the style of embroidery using densely worked gold thread

The Art of Block Printing : India has been renown for its printed and dyed cotton cloth since the 12th century.

The Art of  Chikankari : Intricate shadow-work embroidery

The Narrative Thread, Contemporary Women's Embroidery from Rural India:  Gives good information about 25 quilts that were in a 1998 exhibit.

The Story Behind the Stitches: Indian Women, Indian Embroideries: Extensive and intensive 1998 essay by Laila Tyabji. Also includes a discussion of Asia Society Quilts.

Threads of Cotton, Threads of Brass: Arts of East India and Bangladesh from the Stella Kramrisch Collection : June 1999 article reviewing the exhibit. Two kanthas (embroidered quilts) are shown. Click on the “Exhibition” section in the right-side frame, then scroll down and click on the title.

Tie and Dye - Traditional Textile Weaving

Woven Cargoes : A review of the book that looks at the trade of Indian textiles in Asia. It places textiles within a broader cultural and anthropological framework. Two beautiful examples are shown, clickable for close-up views. Click on the “Book” section in the right-side frame, then scroll down (almost to the end) and click on the title.


Conservation Treatment Of An Indonesian Silk Ikat : September, 2000 article by Alexandra Seth-Smith – Detailed information about the conservation process, including pictures. Click on the “Features” section in the right-side frame, then scroll down into the “Archive” section and click on the title.

Waxing Lyrical: July 2001 article by Itie Van Hout reviewing the “Batik: Drawn in Wax” exhibit. Many examples of incredible batiks from Southeast Asia that are clickable for close-up viewing. Click on the “Exhibition” section in the right-side frame, then scroll down and click on the title. 

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