Internet Resources

Each of the following is a free service that is very easy to access and use

Blue Mountain Arts: Good place to find ethnic and general e-mail post cards to send to friends.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Once you subscribe you’ll receive a daily (or just weekend if that’s your option) e-mail with an inspirational story from one of the Chicken Soup… book series. They are in turn delightful, thought provoking, poignant, funny, motivating.

Desktop Yoga – Preventing and Healing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Repetitive Stress Injuries: Quilters are very prone to these type of discomforts from machine and hand work. This site provides good information.

E-Fax: When you sign-up, you can receive faxes through your existing e-mail account. Upgrades are available which will allow you to send faxes from your e-mail account and/or be assigned a toll-free fax number. However, there is a charge for those expanded services. Also with the "free" version, you will periodically receive e-fax advertisements, but not often enough to make you mad.

E-Student Loan Finder – a loan finder that provides instant comparisons and online applications.

Free Scholarship Information Service – includes links to an excellent 3-part article on "How to Write a Scholarship Essay"

How to Obtain Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records – provided by the web site of NCHS – National Center for Health Statistics (a division of the CDC)

Universal Currency Converter Use this if you order from someplace overseas and need to know how much it costs in US dollars (or if you’re going abroad and need to check the exchange rate) If you need to know the weather or temperature, this is the place to go. Gives the current weather and provides a 5 day forecast for any city you select. Great for trip planning.

Zip+4 Lookup: Enter an address and get the ZIP+4 code.

Zip Code Lookup: A different angle — you enter the zip code and find out the associated: Area Code; Time Zone; County; Congressional District; as well as some other stuff that I don’t know why you’d want to know.