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Akizuki, Mariko. The Classic Quilting of Sashiko. ISBN 0870408542 [Out of Print]

Picture of Japanese Folded Patchwork Clark, Mary Clare. Japanese Folded Patchwork: Techniques, Projects, and Designs of a Unique Asian Craft. 1997.

From a Reader: "This book shows you how to take a tradional pattern , fold the material as you do with paper and then quilt it as you go."

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Dalby, Liza Crihfield. Kimono: fashioning culture. Yale Univ.Press, 1993. (The development of the kimono. Current use and social implications.) [Out of Print]

Four Centuries of fashion: Classical Kimono from the Kyoto National Museum Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 1997. Exhibit catalogue for Feb.5-Mar23, 1997. [Out of Print]

Picture of Treasury of Japanese Design Grafton, Carol Belanger, editor.
Treasury of Japanese Designs and Motifs for Artists and Craftsmen

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Hattori, Sanae, Japan Quilt. [no picture available] Click Here to Order

Hayao, Ishimura. Robes of elegance: Japanese kimonos of the 16th-20th centuries. North Carolina Museum of Art, 1988. [Out of Print]

Hays, Mary and Ralph. Fukusa: the Shojiro Nomura Fukusa Collection. Mills College Art Gallery, 1983. ex. cat. NOTE: Fukusa are special wrappings for gifts.

Horn, Dianne. Japanese Kimono Designs. [no picture available] Click Here to Order

Kuroha, S. Log Cabin: Kuroha Shizuko’s Patchwork Quilt. Tokyo, Japan: Bunka Shuppan Kyoku (1992). 99 pages.

Kuroha, S. Kuroha Shizuiko’s Nunocho Quilt. Tokyo, Japan: Fujinesikatsusha (1989).

Liddell, Jill. The Changing Seasons: Quilt Patterns from Japan. Dutton Studio Book. [Out of Print]

Liddell, Jill. The Story of the Kimono. E.P. Dutton, 1989. (One of the basics.) [Out of Print]

Liddell, Jill and Yuko Watanabe. Japanese Quilts. [Out of Print]

Matsunaga, Karen Kim. Japanese Country Quilting: Sashiko Patterns and Projects for Beginners. [no picture available] Click Here to Order

Milgram, Lynne. Narratives in cloth: embroidered textiles from Aomori, Japan: from the collection of the Keiko Kan Museum Foundation. Toronto Museum for Textiles, 1993. The embroidery in the title is sashiko.

Morishige, Reiko and Mende, Kazuko. Sashiko: Blue and White Quilt Art of Japan. Shufunotomo: 1991 [Out of Print]

Munsterberg, Hugo. The Japanese Kimono. [no picture available] Click Here to Order

Nihon Vogue Staff. Sashiko: Traditional Japanese Quilt Designs. [Out of Print]

Noma, Seiroku. Japanese costume and textile arts (Kosode to No isho). Weatherhill/Heibonsha, 1974. (v. 16 in: Survey of Japanese Art). [Out of Print]

Onoyama, Takako. Honoring the Seasons: Quilts from Japan’s Quilt House Yama [no picture available] Click Here to Order

Ota, Kimi. Sashiko Quilting.

Parker, Mary and Dawn Cusick. Sashiko: Easy and Elegant Designs for Decorative Machine Embroidery. [no picture available] Click Here to Order

Piecework magazine Sept./Oct. 1994. Special issue devoted to indigo textiles. Several articles on traditional Japanese dying, sashiko, etc.

Rathbun, William Jay, ed. Beyond the Tanabata Bridge: traditional Japanese textiles. Thames and Hudson, 1993. [Out of Print]

Rostoski, Janet. Sashiko for Machine Quilting.

Setsuko, Segawa. Japanese Quilt Art. [no picture available] Click Here to Order

Setsuko, Segawa. Japanese Quilt Art II. Mitsumura Suiko Shoin: 1988. [Publisher Out of Stock]

Setsuko, Segawa. Japanese Quilt Art III. [no picture available]

Author has been creating her own extraordinary designs using patches of kimono and printed cloth traditional to Japan. From classic to modern motifs, startling array of stunning patchwork designs. Click Here to Order

Setsuko, Segawa. Japanese Quilt Art IV. [no picture available] Click Here to Order

Setsuko, Segawa.New Wave Quilt Collections. Published 1992. [no picture available] Click Here to Order

Setsuko, Segawa. New Wave Quilt Collections (Excellence of Excellences) . Published 1991. [no picture available] Click Here to Order

Stevens, Rebecca and Yoshiko Wada. The Kimono inspiration: Art and Art-to-wear in America. The Textile Museum, 1996. [no picture available]

This book discusses the influence of the Kimono on American painters and on the wearable art movement in the U.S. Reviews from two readers contradict each other. One complains that it has no instructions on how to make a kimono; the other extolls its virtues for giving great information on kimono construction. Click Here to Order Paperback Click Here to Order Hardcover

Stinchecum, Amanda. Kosode: 16-19th century textiles from the Nomura collection. Japan Society, Kodansha, 1984. [Out of Print]

Picture of Circles of the East Sudo, Kumiko. Circles of the East: Quilt Designs from Ancient Japanese Family Crests. 1997

Kumiko Sudo presents 30 extraordinary new quilt designs derived from crests dating back more than 1,000 years. Centuries-old designs are combined with new, rich color choices and contemporary fabrics for an effect never seen before in quiltmaking. Stunning color photos capture the excitement of each design and show the perfect needlework of the artist. Each block is even accompanied by the story behind the original crest design, explaining how it has passed through the ages. Click Here to Order

Picture of East Quilts West Sudo, Kumiko. East Quilts West. 1995

From a Reader: "Sudo’s use of repeated curves and straight lines is amazing! The quilts and blocks all look so balanced and even, but in an unusual way. There’s a wonderful, off-center sort of flair to the patterns- a sort of creation of harmony from disharmony."
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Sudo, Kumiko. Elegant Flowers: Origami and Sashiko in Quiltmaking. [Out of Print]

Picture of Fabled Flowers Sudo, Kumiko. Fabled Flowers: Innovative Quilt Patterns Inspired by Japanese Sashiko and Origami Traditions. 1996

Kumiko Sudo combines the traditional arts of Origami paper folding, Sashiko embroidery, and flower arranging to achieve dazzling, three-dimensional effects. Includes full-color illustrations and complete templates. Click Here to Order

Takano, Saikoh. Sashiko and Beyond: Techniques and Projects for Quilting in the Japanese Style.

Sashiko and Beyond explains the techniques involved sashiko, then carefully diagrams 16 traditional sashiko designs, followed by instructions for 15 appliqué and patchwork designs. A selection of 12 projects rounds out the discussion, with instructions, photos, and diagrams for place mats, pillows, wall hangings, clothing, and other items. The sashiko patterns range from abstract geometrics loosely derived from natural forms such as tree bark, leaves, waves, and shells to more realistic images of flowers, butterflies, and fans. Click Here to Order

Till, Barry and Swart, Paula. Kesa: the elegance of Japanese monks’ robes. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 1996.

Wada, Yoshiko; Rice, Mary Kellogg; Barton, Jane. Shibori, the inventive art of Japanese shaped resist dyeing. [no picture available]

Reader comment on the hardcover version: "This book must be The Definitive volume on Shibori. It contains a wealth of information on the creation and development of the art, background information on the culture which nourished it, and biographical information on some of the principle artists responsible for its evolution. The illustrations are at least as impressive as the text. The book contains hundreds of photographs, both of completed garments and of swatches created through the use of the various techniques detailed in the book. The instructions for re-creating those patterns are clearly explained and easy to follow. Most remarkably, this book would serve equally well as a reference work or even a "coffee-table" book for those with an interest in textile art or art history, or as a manual for the textile artist. Although it is costly, the book represents an excellent value since it would take a lifetime (literally) to begin to exhaust the creative possiblities presented in it. It is a most worthwhile investment." [Scheduled to be Published – Oct 1999] Click Here to Pre-Order Click Here to Order Hardcover

Picture of Book of Kimono Yamanaka, Norio. The Book of Kimono.

Shows how the kimono is put on from the skin up, how to tie obi, how to put on hakama.

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Yang, Sunny and Narasin, Rochelle M. Textile Art of Japan. Shufunomoto, 1989. [Out of Print]