Jean Quilt

Secrets of Making a Jean Quilt

Has it ever occurred to you that a jean quilt would be a great piece to have at your home? If you can no longer wear your jeans and still do not have the heart to throw it away, then the best way for you would be use the jeans to make a quilt out of it. This way, you will be making a good use of your old faded, worn-out or torn pair of jeans.

Different jeans have different qualities; you can use jeans that comprises of stretchable material, or the heavy or lightweight jeans. What you need to keep in mind is that while making a jean quilt; always use the jeans of the same material.

Various materials for jean quilts

You also need to have an idea about the various kinds of denim fabric. This will help you decide which material will be appropriate for you to use in your jean quilt. Say, for instance, the bleached and rock washed denim styles tend to degrade with time – faster than other denim fabrics. Also, consider the fact that denims are lighter in weight and wear out faster than the heavy weight denims.

Methods of jean quilting

The legs of the jeans are perfect for making the jean quilts. You could go about making the jean quilts in suitable two ways.

Block Denim quilt: Start by cutting the jeans from legs (where four seams meet in the inseam area) and then further cut them into blocks. After cutting the strips from the jean legs, you can get the blocks from the strips, which you need to sew together. Choose the jean blocks of a size that you prefer for your jean quilt.

Strip Denim quilt: In this method, get started by cutting the jean legs from the inseam area where the four seams meet. Cut the jean legs along the inner and the outer seams of the denim legs. The width of the strips will be depending on the waist size of the denim jeans. Sew the jean strips together to have a wonderful strip quilt.

The jean quilt needs to be six to eight inches more than the size of the bed mattress in length and width. This allows an overhang on the foot as well as the sides of the bed.

The jean quilts are simply great possessions. Next time you have many old disposable jeans, you can no longer wear, but do not want to discard either, opt for this kind of handcraft. A jean quilt will keep you warm and enhance the look of your bedroom.