Image of Korean stamp issued in honor of pojagi

Chasu, Embroidery: Detailed information about the history and tradition of chasu. Images of two exquisite examples are shown.

Korean Beauty Series: This is a site dedicated to the Korean postage stamps. The Korean Beauty postal stamps series # 7 issued in 1997 to honor pojagi as part of the rich cultural heritage of Korea. Scroll down about 1/4 of the page to see four examples.

Korean Postal Stamp

Museum of Korean Embroidery: The museum site explains the tradition of pojagi in Korea, and provides images of 20 pieces in the museum’s collection. Each image is clickable for an excellent enlarged view with information about each individual piece.

Patchwork Wrapping Cloth: The web site of ArtSeoul shows four examples of 19th-20th century pojagi, clickable for enlarged views. [NOTE: Click on "Virtual Gallery" at the top of the page; then click on "Korean Traditional Pojagi" under Gallery-BB

Patterns: Information about the types and use of patterns in Korean life.

Pojagi: This site has many examples of beautiful pojagi. Click the right arrow at the top of the picture to move through the site. However, at every other page you will be subjected to the annoyance of pop-up ads.

Pojagi: This site is entirely in the Korean language. But it shows a drawing of women creating pojagi. If you are adventuresome, click on some of the links to view examples of pojagi as well as some instructions on creating them.

Pojagi: Gives information about pojagi

Pojagi, Wrapping Cloths: Information about the history, tradition and types of pojagi with details about how they are categorized and their many uses.