Image of a mola
About Molas: Excellent information about molas, including how the quality of a mola is determined.

All About Molas and the Kuna Indians: Site gives information about the origin and development of molas and how to determine the age of vintage molas. Has a picture of a woman working on a mola – clickable for a close-up view.

Art of Being Kuna – Layers of Meaning Among the Kuna of Panama: This URL takes you to the first page of a site developed by NMAI (National Museum of the American Indian) that leads into an extensive site that displays 32 pieces in the museum’s collection. The pictures are clickable for enlarged views and information about each piece including front and back views. Extraordinary! To go directly to index, click here.

How are Molas Made: Explanation with pictures by Balbina Denis of the Kuna Mola Cooperative.

Kuna Background and History: Site gives a brief overview.

Kuna Mola – Maintaining Tradition Amid Change: This site provides information about how to book the exhibit. Several beautiful examples, clickable for very close-up views are included.

Kuna Yala Mola Gallery: Commercial site that shows 6 exquisite examples of molas. Pictures are clickable for more close-up views and information about each.

"Make" A Mola: An interactive page included within "The Art of Being Kuna" site listed above. It provides brief information about how molas are created and lets the viewer "create" one onscreen.

Mola Gallery: This site provides examples of molas with a variety of themes including abstracts, birds, insignia, dreams and magic, flowers and nautical.

Molas – Artwork from Panama’s San Blas Islands: Information about molas, including close-up views of several.

Molas of the San Blas Islands – An Historical Perspective: Excellent article about the history of molas and their present day marketing.

Molas-of-Panama: The owner of this site is a native of Panama who, with her sisters, began learning to make molas at the age of four. All of the molas shown on this site were designed and created by Mayra and her sisters. They are beautiful.

My Mola Collection: Site shows pictures of the mola collection of Elizabeth Gibson. Pictures are clickable for close-up view and information about each.

Sherry Thorpe’s Mola Web Page: Exceptional Site with detailed information about molas and an extensive gallery. The gallery is available for viewing in a Quick Loading Format which has small files, and in a ThumbNail Format that provides access to excellent close-up views. Close-up pictures of another collection, Johanna’s Mola Collection are also accessible. Site also now includes a Bulletin Board for Mola afficionardos to communicate. Also included are the following – The Artists Great information as superb pictures; How Molas are Made Wonderful explanation with links to pictures of molas to illustrate each aspect; and Collecting Molas Providing detailed information about the various factors that go into determining a mola’s quality – also includes many links to pictures of molas that illustrate each point.

What is a Mola: This site has molas with many different types of themes to view.