Kuna Books


Auld, Rhoda L. Molas: What They Are, How to Make Them, Ideas They Suggest For Creative Applique.. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company: 1980 ISBN 0442200501 [Out of Print]

Caraway, Caren. Mola Design Book. [no picture available] Click Here to Order

Chaves E. and L. Angermuller. About Molas. Panama Canal Press: 1969

Helms, Mary. Cuna Molas and Cocle Art Forms : Reflections on Panamanian Design Styles and Symbols (Working Papers in the Traditional Arts; 7) [Out-of-Print]

Kapp, Captain Kit S. Mola Art: from the San Blas Islands. Ohio. Knapp Publications: 1972 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 78-190738

Picture of Molas!

Mathews, Kate.
Molas!: Patterns, Techniques, Projects for Color Applique

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Parker, Ann and Avon Neal. Molas: Folk Art of the Cuna Indians. Barre Publishing: 1977 ISBN 0517529114 [Publisher Out of Stock]

Patera, Charlotte. Mola Making. [Out of Print]

Patera, Charlotte. Mola Techniques for Today’s Quilters. [no picture available]
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Puls, Herta. Art of Cutwork and Applique: Historic, Modern and Kuna Indian. [Out of Print]

Puls, Herta. Textiles of the Kuna Indians of Panama;. Great Britain: Shire Ethnography: 1998

Shaffer, Frederic W. Mola Designs: 45 Authentic Indian Designs from Panama. [no picture available] Click Here to Order