Native American Craft Supply

Native American Craft Supplies

Speaking of Native American craft supplies, there are lots of craft supplies to name – right from beads and many beading accessories like trays, looms, twines, threads, bone beads and berry nut beads. Other Native American craft supplies include needles, sinews, stretch cords, wax cords, leather cords, tiger tail, feathers, cowrie shells, trumpet shells, abalone shells, drum covers, craft books, bees wax, craft wire, linen thread, patterns, arrow heads and other such stuff.

Animal parts are also used as Native American craft supplies. The use of buffalo skull, teeth, tail hide and jaw and the fur of otter, skunk, coyote, raccoon, mink, deer and beaver are quite prevalent. Other animal parts are taken from animals like boar, cow, horse, buck, elk, rabbit, turtle, fox, pheasant and pig. Porcupine quills too are widely used.

Native American Art & Craft Supplies

Decorative artwork like beading has been the mainstay of Native American Art and such art forms made use of the many items that are available in Nature and have been shaped into beautiful items. Decorative items and dress accessories can be easily crafted with straws, clay, mud and metal. This can look very beautiful. Simple craft supplies like paper and wood too have been brilliantly used to impart beautiful yet simple look to the art.

If you would like to create similar artworks, then all you need to do is check out the local craft store for the Native American craft supplies and find the supplies that you will need.

Among the Native American craft supplies, ceramic arrowhead can be used for making a key ring; here, you use a thin crafting wire and may be even feathers to make the key ring appear pretty.

Look for a large piece of leather and a metal craft hoop for making the mandela, which is akin to the dream catcher.

For making a shelf display or a mantel, you need a small block of wood. Get a good picture and also have some strong glue, then you can get started on this craft work and have your desired item.

The list just goes on; there are actually lots of things that you can make with the craft supplies. Get the Native American theme in by making the crafts and be surprised with what you can do.