Native American Crafts

Native American Crafts

Native American crafts can be found in almost every home across the country. While Native American art and antiques tend to be rare and expensive, Native American crafts are more accessible and readily available. Best of all, some Native American crafts can be even made at home with a simple set of materials.

Native American crafts form a large part of our lives. Things as simple as a pair of moccasins or a beaded bracelet are all examples of Native American crafts. While a number of these craft articles are mass-produced and made in other countries, you can still find a number of moderately priced, genuine Native American crafts in places that specialize in authentic Native American products.

Traditional Materials, Timeless Crafts

The traditional Native American way of life was a simple and resourceful one. There was no room for excessive extravagance or wastefulness and Native American crafts are a reflection of that lifestyle. Simple materials which were available in nature were used like stone, wood, bone and clay. Glass and metal were also used as well as simple textiles.

Native American crafts often served some purpose, apart from being aesthetically pleasing. Basket weaving is one of the most popular forms of Native American crafts along with pottery. Trinkets and simple accessories such as arrowheads, headbands and dance sticks were also made and are still popular today.

For those looking for authentic Native American crafts, it is a good idea to do a little comparative shopping before purchasing. Ensure that you are buying original Native American items from a trusted merchant. There are also a number of online merchants that you can research as well. Craft items are easier to find and obtain than rarities like Native American antiques but they still hold the same sense of beauty and mystery that all Native American art has. These crafts offer a timeless insight into the pride and heritage of the Native American people.