Native American Flutes

Native American Flutes

Native American flutes have always played an integral role in Native American music. While most people associate drums with Native American music, the flute is also considered a vital component and is the most important instrument after the drum. What makes the Native American flute remarkable is that its exact origins are as yet unknown.

For those looking to purchase Native American flutes, it is important to remember that authentic makers of these flutes are few and far between. Today most Native American flutes come from Asia or Europe so for those looking for the real thing, it is important to ensure that your flute is made by a Native American carver.

How To Find The Real Thing

While the market is currently deluged with products claiming to be authentic Native American flutes, there are a number of things you can look out for to make sure you are buying the real thing. First, it is important to understand that Native American flutes are very distinct from other flutes. Though its origins are a mystery, it is generally believed that they may have evolved from whistles. Unfortunately, this means that any whistle with a block whistle mechanism, which is made in the wooden duct style, can be called a Native American flute.

Authentic Native American flutes are of two kinds- Woodlands style and Plains style. While the former has a distinct bell-like tone, the latter has a reedy, buzz-like sound to it. Make sure the flute has a good mouthpiece as well as the right amount of backpressure. It is also important to note that all Native American flutes have two-foot ends, which means the flutes are usually short and easy to carry.

When looking to buy Native American flutes, try and ensure that the flute is made by an authentic Native American carver. Insisting on buying authentic goods such as these will help preserve Native American art and ensure you get the product you want.