Native American Food

Native American Food

When it comes to Native American food, most people do not realize what a wholesome yet delicious kind of cuisine it really is. The Native Americans were resourceful people, using just what they needed from nature and using it well, in order to prevent wastage. Their way of life demanded that they be healthy and active and as a result, the food they ate was high in nutritional value.

For those of you looking for something new to tickle your palate, Native American food is the perfect way to try something exciting without taxing your health. Native American food is rich in natural vitamins and minerals, fresh vegetables, whole grains and non-processed proteins. This wealth of fresh and natural foods mean good health that is tasty too.

Total Nutrition, Total Taste

Native American food covers all the major food groups and is unique in that is very low in fat. Corn is a staple source of food and is usually ground into flour and mixed with other grains and herbs to prepare breads and tortillas. Seeds and herbs such as sage, peppermint, rosehips and clover are also used in abundance in Native American cooking, both for their medicinal and nutritional value.

Vegetables such as squash and pumpkin are often used in Native American food as well along with watercress, mustard, wild onions and dandelion. Meat forms an important staple of the Native American diet, especially deer and buffalo meat. This meat is often specially preserved using herbs in order to be used when meat is not available. Fish is also used in Native American cuisine, especially salmon, halibut and even lobster.

Fruits, nuts and natural sources of sugar such as honey are also prevalent in Native American food. Blackberries, cherries, strawberries and apples are popular as well as acorns, butternuts, walnuts and hazelnuts. By following a diet of Native American food, you can revitalize your body and your taste buds with wholesome, delicious food.