Native American Girls

Native American Girls

The plight of many Native American girls today is both heart breaking and challenging. For those who live on reservations, the reality of poverty, alcoholism and the lack of basic education have left them both un-empowered and unable to lead a productive and satisfying life. Many of them return to the cycle of alcoholism and poverty, simply because they do not have a choice.

Today more than ever, there is a need for quality special education for Native American girls. With many Native Americans making a life for themselves outside the reservations, it is important that these girls are equipped from an early age with the skills needed to succeed and build a successful, independent life. Due to the unique conditions in which these girls are raised, it is important that they have access to the special education that they need as well.

Challenges and Goals

In order to meet the challenge of educating Native American girls, it is important to understand their lifestyle and the circumstances they live in. Most young girls are not encouraged to study, as they have very distinct roles to play in society and they are usually raised to become homemakers. Added to this is the burden of poverty and alcoholism that many young girls are raised with. In these circumstances, it is difficult to find the motivation to pursue academics.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that many Native American girls today, especially the ones living in reservations, now have special education needs. This is the result of lack of parental care and often alcoholism, which leads to a number of birth defects in children. Specialized medical and education facilities are needed in order to give these children the learning they need.

The challenges that face Native American are unique and many. A number of them struggle with the lure of modern American living and the tribal customs of their ancestors. It is important to empower these girls with the ability to take the best of both worlds.