Native American History

Native American History

Native American history is perhaps one of the most glorious yet tragic histories in the world. Though the Native American people still exist today, the last few centuries have seen these once proud people reduced to ragged remnants of their original tribes, relegated to reservations and struggling with problems like poverty, alcoholism and unemployment.

Native American history is incredibly vast and covers a wide amount of territory. Native Americans covered the areas of Alaska, North America and South America. This vast stretch of land was home to countless tribes who either occupied different areas or pursued a nomadic way of life, following the herds of buffalo that formed their major food source.

The Rise And Fall

It is believed that the very first Native American people arrived to the continent through a pass, which connected Russia with Alaska around 20,000 years ago. Native American history relates that these people faced many hardships from the cold as well as the wild animals but they persevered and continued to move down into North America. Some tribes settled on the plains while others moved towards coastal areas. Still others moved farther south and inhabited the deserts. A number of tribes did not settle anywhere and followed a nomadic way of life. Due to the variations in settlement, different tribes were formed that became known for their ability to farm, fish or fight.

As expected, a number of these tribes did not get along and Native American history shows a number of deep-seated enmities between certain tribes. However, it was the Europeans who brought about the downfall of the Native American people and their way of life. Not only did they take away the land and encourage warring tribes to fight, they also brought disease and alcohol, both of which contributed to the downfall of may tribes. Today, the Native American community is striving to re-establish and redefine itself in the new millennium in a positive and successful way.