Native American Paintings

Native American Paintings

Native American paintings are a heartthrob in the United States. Tourists can hardly resist the beautifully painted clothing, pottery, and other items. They buy them as gifts or souvenirs. If you observe the paintings, you will find that most of them contain symbols of spiritual and physical importance. This is what makes the Native American paintings unique and up to date.

The Chumas Indians were fond of carving animals and their Indian life on the cave walls. Initially, they used charcoal black, followed with red, yellow, and other bright colors. Among all the Native American paintings, the Navajo sand painting is most reputed. Its incredible artistry has moved many art lovers. However, not many know that this Native American painting was not just a piece of art, but a healing tool used by the medicine men of that time.

The Secret Of Navajo Sand Painting

The word “Navajo” means “place where the Gods come and go”. These sand paintings were used by the tribe medicine men in religious as well as healing ceremonies. The person who was sick was asked to sit on this intriguing Native American painting. According to the medicine men of that time, this painting acted as a gateway for the spirits. Through this painting, the person who sat on it could assimilate the healing energies exuded by the spirits.

After the completion of the ceremony, the sand painting had to be destroyed, so that the sand could return to the Earth. Who could have wanted to destroy such a beautiful Native American painting? But it had to be, as the painting was contaminated after absorbing the illness of the person sitting on it. The whole process, right from the making of the painting to the destroying of it was generally finished within 12 hours.

Most of the Native American paintings have interesting stories to tell. Capture their mysteries!