Native American Pottery

Native American Pottery

The terrific Native American pottery that has lured swarms of tourists since long has its roots in the nomadic Indian era, which is about 2,000 years ago. The nomadic Indians made pots to store water, grains, and seeds for sowing in the next season. They also made pots for cooking that could be placed on open fires.

Thus, the Native American pottery was initially for practical uses rather than for display as an art. One of the things that baffled the minds of the Americans, and continues to do so, is the designs on the Native American pottery. The mystery of the designs still lurks around this piece of art, as the Indians were unwilling to reveal the meaning of their mystifying designs. Most of the pottery is embedded with drawings of birds, animals, humans, nature, and gods. The Indians regarded them as sacred.

How Did Native American Pottery Come Into Existence?

It is believed that, in the beginning, Indians used mud clay to cover their woven baskets. Over the fire, the clay covering these baskets hardened. Thus, the Indians were struck with the idea of making pots of clay that would endure the open fire for cooking! Archeologists have come across ancient pots that reveal texture marks, which signify that the Indians made the pots in baskets.

The Navajo potters still live in Arizona, which is a place abundant in clay reserves. Indian pottery is available all over the western and central states.

There are people who say that Indians made use of potterÂ’s wheel for making Native American pottery. This is wrong. It was their skill of hand that produced such breath taking shapes in clay, which is still being applauded and admired by people all over the world.