Native American Pow Wow

Native American Pow Wow

Music, dance, and lots of food, AND the drum – this is a Native American Pow Wow!

What Is It?

Native American Pow Wow is a social event where swarms of Native Americans gather to carry forward their ancestral tradition of music and dance. The event starts with the procession of dancers entering into the dance arena. This is called the Grand Entry. The Head Man and Woman Dancers lead the procession with their vibrant dresses. It is followed by a guard in American Indian military veteran color, who carries the American flag and the flags of other tribal countries.

How Did It Begin?

The Native American Pow Wow dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. According to the Director of the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI), the tribes used to gather in large numbers during the summer in the plains. They observed the brilliant dance steps of the Heluska society of the Omaha situated in Nebraska. The idea of Native American Pow Wow, thus, spread and the tribes adopted the tradition of music and dance, adding their own styles to it.

The modern powwows are more fashionable and depict a new version created from the 19th century Native American Pow Wow. They are usually held in cities and college campuses and are a great way to meet old friends and make new contacts. Besides this, they let the modern generation keep in touch with the traditional styles.

The Indispensable Drum

The drum is a Native American’s heartbeat. Their entire culture is centered on the drum. Without it, Native American Pow Wow would have no music, no dance, no singing; in fact, there would have been no powwow at all! The beats of the drum lets you feel the heartbeats of the Mother Earth. You get connected with the Spirit – an inimitable experience!