Nativer American Rattles

Make And Play The Native American Rattles

The native American rattles enjoy a significant position when it comes to the native American music. The main percussion instruments that the native Americans use are the rattles and the drums. There are different kinds of rattles that are in turn made from a variety of materials and come in various shapes and sizes.

Man always had a longing for music and the rattles (perfect accompaniment of the native American ceremonies) just reflects that.

The Gourd rattle

The Chemehuevi tribe makes a rattle from a gourd. The gourd rattles are never worn, but are shaken by the singer or dancer. Now how do you go about it? The gourd is first dried and then it is decorated according to the tribal preferences. You will find that this rattle has designs painted on it as well as the handle.

The handles of the gourd native American rattles are made from the branches of the trees, like oak, poplar, redwood or rose. The feathers that are used on the rattles are mainly pheasant and peacock feathers and can be dyed. The seeds that are within the gourd rattle impart these native American rattles a genuine sound. For making the sound appear more pleasant, you need to add some crystals or stones.

The Bone rattle

Native American rattles can also be made from shells of turtles or bones. The bone rattles are made from the horns that have been cut to a certain size. The rattle could be made by making a hole at the end of the bone, where you can easily insert a stick to serve as the handle of the rattle.

Deer hoof rattle

These handmade rattles have twisted agave fiber cord handles. These rattles are played only during the native American funerals. The dried deer hoof rattles create a unique sound when you shake it.

Materials required for making the rattles

You can make the native American rattles right at home and the materials that you will be needing for making them are also very simple. The materials include a ball of yarn, an appropriate twig, feathers and other such simple items.

The tribes are making use of newer materials for the making of their rattles. You will find that the metal rattles have become very common nowadays.