Native American Regalia

Native American Regalia

A Native American dancer’s attire is the most esteemed Native American Regalia. These Regalia have been passed on from generation to generation and are considered a valuable possession.

When a Native American dancer wants to be noticed for a specific style at the powwow, the Native American Regalia are what they don. This ceremonial dress symbolizes the customs and the spirit of the tribe. The decision to be noticed at the powwow is not something trivial. This is a crucial time for the dancer and is a matter of rejoice.

The Making Of The Native American Regalia

This highly regarded ceremonial dress is handmade, by the dancer, friends, or family members. Every detail of the dress is given special attention and has a meaning.

The Native American Regalia are not just any other dresses. The dancer takes years to gather items needed to prepare the dress. The powwow visitors are not allowed to touch this prized possession without permission!

The Blessed Dress

The Native American Regalia express the Spirit. It is believed to be blessed and, hence, worshipped. The people are supposed to pay respect to the Regalia as well as the person wearing it. This is because it signifies the history of Native America.

It’s an insult to the Native Americans to call their Native American Regalia “costumes”. Costumes are outfits that you wear as a disguise to become somebody you are not. However, the Native American Regalia are sacred to the natives. They look upon it as an object of worship. Hence, it is a matter of shame for them to consider their Regalia as mere costumes.

Such is the honor and attachment that Native Americans have for their Native American Regalia. Such is their culture and custom, which is yet not fully understood by the white man.