Native American Religion

Native American Religion

It’s not easy to explicate Native American religion due to the presence of many tribes and because the religious principles were not written down anywhere. They were simply carried forward through generations verbally.

The Features Of Native American Religion

It centers on nature. The animals, plants, sceneries, and other aspects of environmental are given high regards in Native American religion. Most of the legends of Native America comprises of an elaboration of natural events.

The Native American religion is full of unique ceremonies, remarkable practices, and interesting traditions. Many of these ceremonies are held to pay tribute to certain natural events. Such ceremonies were marked with music, dance, feast, and other performances by the natives. One of the practices of Native American religion was taking a particular hallucinogen in order to be closely connected to the gods. Another feature of this religion is the use of symbols, especially those of animals. They were used to depict concepts, qualities, or spirits.

The Men Of Gods

The Native American religion placed belief in shaman and medicine men. They were believed to be able to communicate directly with the gods. These men were intelligent, experienced, and highly respected among the tribes. The various ceremonies, customs, and decisions were incomplete without their presence.

The Erosion Of Native American Religion

With the settling of the European and Spanish colonies, a wave of change was brought about in Native America, which was one of the greatest mistakes of history. The rich heritage of Native America was lost forever. However, certain core knowledge and concepts are still intact and have become a part of the American Aborigines.

For those wishing to understand Native American religion fully, you need to make yourselves a part of the practices, customs, and beliefs of this tribe. It’s like growing up with it. Only then is it possible to be enlightened by its richness.