Native American Symbols

Native American symbols say a lot about the culture, heritage, beliefs, and customs of Native Americans. Some symbols are puzzling while some depict a clear meaning. Symbols have been a vital part of Native American crafts and pictures.

The “Swastika”

This is one of the honored Native American symbols. This symbol came into being in a rather interesting manner. During basket weaving, the ends of basket’s cross design used to bend to the left, producing a “swastika” shape. This shape was adopted by the Native Americans as one of their Native American symbols!

The “Thunderbird”
This is yet another interesting symbol from Native America. Although this was not actually created by an Indian, the “thunderbird” is mostly seen on Native American jewelry pieces. It is one of the most popular Native American symbols.

The “Lightening Snake”
It’s a known fact that Native Americans were fond of nature. In fact, they regarded it as sacred. Most of their art work contains symbols of plants, animals, birds, and other creatures that depicted some idea or quality.

The best example is that of the “lightening snake”, which is in the shape of a bolt of lightening. This symbol does not carry just one meaning. The Pseudo Indians consider the “lightening snake” as the symbol of fertility, as it signifies rain. Other tribes see it as a symbol of wisdom and rebelliousness. There are many such Native American symbols that carry two or more meanings.

One of the most intriguing parts of studying about Native Americans is Native American symbols. They can be seen in every item, whether it is pottery, pictures, paintings, jewelry, and even walls of the caves. The only thing required is a little time to dig deep into the meaning of these symbols. They will tell you what was in the mind of the artist when they created the beautiful piece of art.

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