Native American Tattoos

Native American Tattoos

You cannot think of Native American culture minus tattoos. Native American tattoos had a special role to play in the lifestyle of Indian tribes. They were incorporated for certain reasons, the chief one being the identification of different tribes and rendering specific powers to the tribe members.

How Tattoos Were Incorporated?

The Native American tattoos reflected the sheer skill of the tribal people. They used fish bones as needles and natural dyes of various colors to incorporate permanent tattoos. The real skill was required in the designing of the tattoo. The tribes had particular members who were masters of tattoo art. The intricacy of the Native American tattoos designs called for sheer expertise and caution by the artist. However, the tattoo art masters were such experts that they worked with ease.

Why Tattoos Were Incorporated?

The incorporation of Native American tattoos revolved around many beliefs. Some tribal group members wore tattoos on their face as well as different body parts. The person who had a permanent tattoo was believed to possess immense power. It was all a matter of belief and traditions.

The characteristic Native American tattoos that could be seen on men and women were mythical creatures, eagles, feathers, bears, rattle snakes, and other animals.

How to Get Native American Tattoos?

If you wish to don a tattoo depicting your ancestral tribes, itÂ’s better to do an intensive research first. Many youngsters choose the wrong symbols or the wrong tribe for getting a tattoo.

For those who are satisfied with just an eagle, a Native American face, or other such symbolic tattoos, the genuineness of the tattoo is not a matter of concern. However, for those wishing to go deeper into the tribal tattoo culture, you must know what the tattoo on your body means.