Native American Tribe

Native American Tribe

The Native American tribes were peace-loving group of people who maintained a strong bond with their children and family members. Family and friends were given huge importance in Native American life.

Tribe of Nature Lovers

One of the most important relationships of the Native American tribe was that with nature. In fact, they considered nature as sacred and respected it. The tribe lived in harmony with nature, animals, plants, all living creatures, and resources surrounding them. They hunted animals only for need.

Each Native American tribe had a different lifestyle. They had their own ways of carrying out the activities of daily life. However, they were open to new ideas, which were transferred from one tribe to another. Thus, the Native American tribes shared their skills and knowledge amongst themselves.

The Skilled Area

The Native American tribes were highly skilled in art and jewelry. Again, nature, animals, plants, and birds were the inspiration behind creating their terrific artwork. Each tribe had its own technique of designing, but the basic theme remained the same. However, every time the tribes shared their knowledge with each other, there was advancement in the techniques of creating artwork.

The advancement in techniques happened not only in the area of creating art and jewelry, but also in techniques of hunting and making weapons. The Native American tribes used weapons mainly for hunting. They were hardly any battles between the tribes, except a few conflicts, which might have taken place within or between the tribes.

The Native American tribe lived in peace and harmony until the settlement of white men’s colonies. Although these tribes are not extinct, much of their dominance has been lost in the land of America. However, their heritage retains its richness and is going to live forever.