Native American Tribes

Native American Tribes

There were not one, but hundreds of Native American Tribes existing over time. Many of these tribes resided in North America. Most of the tribes were known by their location. For instance, the Eskimo tribe was popular as sub artic tribes. There were groups of Native American Tribes living in California and its plains, the Northwest coastal area, and the Southeast area, which in now the United States.

These tribes were in such a large number that there are organizations today especially established for the research and preservation of the tribal artifacts, documents, symbols, photographs, and other relics depicting their culture and heritage. Several museums throughout the country have come forward to preserve the heritage of Indian tribes.

Laws for The Protection Of Native American Tribes

Even today, the United States has areas owned by certain Native American Tribes that have been stated as protected land by the federal law. The white man cannot take or trespass on this land. The government of United States has set up a Bureau of Indian Affairs to safeguard and serve the people who are indigenous to this land. Some of these ancient Indian Tribes still reside in certain reserved areas of the United States.

The Impact Of Modern Life On Native American Tribes

The Native American Tribes have not been able to put up with the pressures of modern lifestyle. The Indian teens are the worst hit. They are gradually straying from their rich culture and turning to drugs and alcohol. There has been a staggering increase in the suicide rates among them.

In order to keep the light of their heritage glowing, the future generation will have to respect their ancestral culture. Only then will the legacy of Native American Tribes continue to live.