Native American Women

Native American Women

Besides their role as mothers, Native American women were involved in greater participation in the struggle for survival than what we might have imagined. Their tribes survived mainly because they were the pillars of the society, working in equal measure alongside the men in various capacities such as farmers, craftswomen, warriors and builders.

Various Activities Of Native American Women

As builders, the activities of the Native American women included gathering materials, maintaining the roofs of the homes, and building homes not only for themselves but also for other members of their society. They were the essence of life for the tribes and were the main props for the existence of the tribe members. Native American women were also responsible for helping their men for hunting buffalo and for cooking the same after skinning and cutting them. Besides these activities, the Native American women repaired clothes and shoes, collected firewood and did all the cooking.

The importance of Native American women was not limited to their role as homemakers. They were an indispensable part of their society as they performed so many other functions. As tools and weapons were essential for survival in those days, the Native American women used animal bones to make weapons for self defense and tools for other purposes.

Native American women also excelled in the field of medicine as they were supposed to be better than men in healing the sick people with their soothing techniques that involved chanting and connecting to spirituality. They would also gather herbs to make medicines for healing purposes.

Moreover, many Native American women were experts in making baskets, blankets, pottery and jewelry. Contrary to the common belief that the Native American women were completely dominated by their men, there was a high degree of mutual respect between them and their men. They looked after their husbands and children with utmost dedication and proved to be the solid foundation on which their society was built.