Know The Skill Of Making The Native American Quilts

Native American quilts seem to reflect the native American culture that is enriched with symbolism; you will find this symbolism in the artwork that ranges from the woven Navajo rugs to the intricate beading on leather.

Emergence of quilting

The quilts were introduced when the soldiers and settlers moved west. The native Americans at that time were impressed with these new bed coverings.

Quilting was also brought before the native Americans by the missionaries who wanted to civilize the natives by honing their traditional European homemaking skills. However, the native American quilters were clever enough to find out the creative ways for incorporating their own cultural designs into their quilts.

With the availability of cotton fabric at reasonable rates, there were more women coming up to experiment with the making of quilts. The native American quilts reveal creativity with prints and colors.

Making of a Star Quilt

The star quilt with a distinct star just at the center of the quilt top is by far the best of the native American quilts. This category of quilts also includes native legends, like the Star of Bethlehem, Mathematical Star, Lone Star, Star of the East and the Morning Star.

So, if you have a desire to make a star quilt, you must know that it is not an easy job to achieve. If you have the capability of delicate needlework and great precision, then it is all you need to achieve complete success in the making of a star quilt. It is commendable that the native Americans have excellently acquired the skill of quilt making.

The Morning Star native legend is believed to be sacred by the Indians from the plains; previously, the native American quilts were made in the same manner as that of the other American quilts. Eventually with the passing of time, the Morning Star motif developed from the traditional Lone Star pattern went on to become a favorite Native American quilt design.

The use

The native American quilts are used through the diverse Native American cultures, ranging from the bed covers to weather insulation to the baby swings. The star quilts are often gifted to the sportsmen and also their coaches as a tribute. You will also find a number of high school basketball teams present the star quilt ceremonies during the tournaments.

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