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Ethnic Quilt & Textile Related Resources Art Resources Essays; Paintings; Poetry; Short Stories; (Quilt Related – Ethnic Perspective) Quilting Exhibits (Current and Future) Ethnic Books & Publications Quilting / Textile Lesson Plans (Quilt Related... Read more

Native American

Christmas Quilt Fabric Christmas will be near before you even realize it, so if you are thinking of gifting your near and dear ones beautiful and warm quilts then get started. The market is full of Christmas quilt fabrics. There are fabrics with beautiful Christmas desi... Read more


African Textile

No one knows who made the first African textile, or when, but the oldest cloth fragments found on the continent date back thousands of years. Some of the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs contain remnants of the African textile materials the mummified remains were wrap... Read more

African American

There has been African American art in the United States since the first Africans arrived during the time of slavery. Since art is classically a representation of the society in which it was made, this art is valued as a vital contribution to the history and arts of thi... Read more

Quilting Ethnic

Once a person has fallen in love with hand-made quilts, it’s impossible to stop looking for quilts for sale around every corner. One of the aspects of quilt collecting that makes the endeavor so much fun is that you never know where the next must-have quilt will t... Read more


Kuna Books

KUNA Auld, Rhoda L. Molas: What They Are, How to Make Them, Ideas They Suggest For Creative Applique.. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company: 1980 ISBN 0442200501 [Out of Print] Caraway, Caren. Mola Design Book. [no picture available] Click Here to Order Chaves E. and L. Angerm... Read more

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Choosing the Most Suitable Quilting Fabric If you desire to posses a quality quilt then you have to choose a superb quilting fabric to have the work done in style. Some of the leading quilting fabric varieties include white cotton sheeting, cotton print, silk and many m... Read more

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