Quilt Labels

How Quilt Labels are Important for Specific Identification of Your Work

The purpose of quilt labels is to record the history of the quilt by noting down the name of the quilt maker and its date of completion. Most of the time, quilt labels come with short descriptive passages stating a brief story of the quilt. The motto of a quilter is always to finish a quilt perfectly with a specific label. A label at times can serve the purpose of an embellishment like beads, buttons, laces, and ribbons.

A quilt is not made just in a day. It needs a great deal of care and time. The careful planning of the pattern and the dedication – for it can take days, months and at times even years to complete a quilt work. A label in fact reminds you of all your love, dedication and energy which you have spent in creating a quilt.

No matter what it is – a holiday, wedding or a baby gift, the label on the quilt should have your name, the date, the name of the recipient, along with a blessing or a small saying at the end. With such label, a quilt rises from being merely a quilt and becomes a gift for someone you love.

Quilt labels also serve as identifications of work, especially when quilts are created with the motto of being sold at craft fares and galleries. Here the labels matter a lot – someone else might claim your work as his/her. Thus, it is better that you add the label first and then start creating the quilt.

Create a quilt label

Quilt labels are made in several ways. You can create it with a permanent fabric marker, but the ink should be such that it doesn’t wither away with washing. You can have intricate designs on the quilt labels using embroidery floss and the cross-stitch techniques. The design of a label is no less than the design of a quilt so you should create it with all attention and perseverance.

A quilt label can be both elaborate and simple. It entirely depends on the type of label you want to have on the quilt. However, if you want the writing on the quilt label to persist then you should make sure to add a freezer paper at the back of the label. After this, it would be easy for you to hand appliqué the label to add an extra touch to the stuff. Essentially, Quilt labels add importance to your creation and thus you should never let a quilt without a label.