Quilt Rack

Enhance Your Home’s Décor with a Quilt Rack

A quilt rack provides the best way to display your quilt with utmost perfection. The racks are available in various shapes, forms, sizes and colors. A typical quilt rack is a stand alone, which comes with two or three rods for the proper displaying of two or three quilts. The racks are made of most popular wooden varieties like oak, cherry and pine. Some also prefer racks made of walnut and other wood type.

Quilt stands are the most popular forms of quilt racks. The wall hung racks serve your purpose as well. A hanging rack is the best one to use because it does not occupy a space on the floor making the room appear spacious and airy. A wall hang rack has a shelf above the rail. This helps in displaying other goodies kept within the room and keeps dust of your heirloom.

The Shakers in Kentucky and the Amish in western Pennsylvania make beautiful and exceptional quilt racks. A rack should be such that it compliments your personality as well as home décor. However, the floor or free standing, wall mounter and ladder are the three principle varieties of quilt racks.

A quilt rack fulfills two essential functions – hanging quilts and giving your room a perfect decoration. Racks can be constructed with wood, metal or a combination of the two. Builders and designers of quilt racks utilize their individual flair giving way to their own personal styles. Now, racks are not just known as quilt racks. They are known by several stylish names like ShakerSeries, Heirloom Cherry, DecoratorSeries and English Country.

A quilt rack helps by adding charm and warmth to your home. It decorates and functions with a perfect finish. There is a host of illimitable combination of designs, colors and materials with which you can build a perfect quilt racks. No matter what age, background or artistic taste you have, make sure to find a rack according to your preference.

Quilt racks are available as both mounted and standing. The mounting one comes in form of a clamping or compression quilt rack, which enables you to display your quilt without any possibility of hole formation. In case of mounted quilt racks, you are provided with a rod, which helps you to hang your quilt properly. In this way, the quilts can be rightly stored and maintained.

A standing quilt rack looks more or less like a valet for clothes. Here you get to see a wooden frame where there are rods, which run across the top and here you can easily drape your quilt without letting it get damaged or spoiled. A standing quilt rack can have up to three rods where you can arrange for the demonstration of three quilts at the same time. Choose your preferred quilt rack embellished with style, color and finishing that you would cherish forever.