Asian Dragon Tattoos

Asian Dragon Tattoos

Asian dragon tattoos are among one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. For years, tattoo enthusiasts and people looking to get that one special tattoo have opted for Asian dragon designs. Dragons are perceived differently in Asian traditions than in Western ones. While the dragons of Western folklore tend to be destructive and dangerous with an affinity for hoarding treasure, Asian dragons are seen as benevolent beings that protect people. They are often associated with a number of positive aspects like good fortune, fertility and long life.

Asian dragon tattoos are distinct in their design and the fine lines that are used in their execution. There is also a tremendous amount of detail in these tattoos and each tattoo often means something special to the person wearing it.

Tattoos On Guys, Tattoos On Girls

Asian dragon tattoos can have an intensely personal meaning for people and it is not surprising that a lot of thought and research goes into choosing the right kind of dragon tattoo. While Asian dragon tattoos are popular with both men and women, it is interesting to note how differently they are interpreted.

Asian dragon tattoos on men are often associated with power along with some other aspect of the person’s personality. Dragon tattoos are often associated with wisdom and magic as well as warrior skills and fearlessness. For many, the Asian dragon symbolizes control and great personal strength. They are often seen as solitary figures who are loners but not lonely.

Surprisingly, Asian dragon tattoos on women are perceived a little differently. While they still broadly symbolize power, women with Asian dragon tattoos are seen as being fiery with a quick temper. They are seen to symbolize extreme intelligence and independence. Many women identify with the protective nature of the Asian dragon as well as its tendency to destroy if provoked.

Asian dragon tattoos hold different meanings for different people, which is perhaps why they are among the most popular tattoo designs ever.