Asian Quilt Fabric

Asian Quilt Fabric

Though the fabric, techniques and motifs may vary from one country to another, quilting is considered to be a world famous art. Asian quilt fabric undergoes a finishing process involving a number of steps. It helps to set the dyes and makes the fabric softer. Asian quilt fabric is used to make a number of designer quilts. There are many inexpensive fabrics that do not undergo some of the final steps, which cause stiffness in fabric. It eventually results in wrinkling of fabrics and then it becomes susceptible to bleeding and sun fading.

Generally, Asian quilt fabric used for making beautiful quilts includes linen and silk. These fabrics are worked upon with matching threads and stuffed with cotton. Some of the early examples of Asian quilts suggest the use of natural linen or silk, outlined with motifs in a dark color like brown or gold. The Asians trade marked the popularity of silk quilts in the 16th sand 17th century. The Chios quilts were made from a narrow silk of an inferior quality to the Indian product.

The real beauty of an Asian quilt fabric is reflected in a handmade quilt. It calls for both, technical skills as well as passion to produce a beautiful quilt. It should be made properly so that the creativity can reflect the personality and love of its maker. The selection of a quilting fabric is considered to be the most important element of quilting. It basically depends upon the use of the quilt. For example, pastel fabrics are selected if a quilt is for a baby. However, bolder quilting fabric is selected for a quilt meant for a decorative purpose. A themed fabric is often chosen for a specialty quilt designed to honor a special event.

The texture of the Asian quilt fabric is also very important. They are usually available as ‘soft and supple’, ‘warm’, ‘cozy’, ‘smooth’, ‘sophisticated’ and ‘boldly textured’. Many people prefer pure cotton quilts, as it does not require much of care. Besides texture, the quality of the Asian quilt fabric is also very important. The craftsmanship of quilting the fabric plays a significant role in ensuring the longevity of a quilt.

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