Baby Quilt Patterns

Baby Quilt Patterns

Baby quilts are the first to come to mind when thinking of quilts. Creating beautiful baby quilt patterns is one of the most popular ways of celebrating a new arrival in several countries. It is easy to make baby quilts, as they do not require a lot of fabric.

The increase in the awareness towards upbringing of children marked the making of baby quilts. Baby quilts made in the 19th century were very different from those that are made today. The coming up of baby quilts paralleled several modifications in literature for children. Earlier there were only the Bible and Pilgrims Progress in place. Children also enjoyed books like Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver’s Travels. It was mainly around the turn of the century that baby quilt patterns and fabrics were produced using children’s themes. Pioneers created a range of baby quilt patterns that defined different imaginations of a child. Marie Webster, a popular quilt designer created one of the first patterns for a small quilt with a juvenile theme in 1912. Appliqué and embroidery were the main styles used with baby quilt patterns.

Baby quits can be made in a number of patterns and can incorporate different themes. Besides stories, you can also cut designs of different flowers and make it as a beautiful baby quilt. Always keep the color combination in mind in accordance with the pattern used. Baby quilt patterns often include children stories like Alice in wonderland and used alternated appliquéd blocks with plain ones. In order to make baby quilt patterns you need the following things:

  1. Dark purple- 1 yard
  2. Purple and pink print- ¾ yard
  3. Lavender- 5/8 yard
  4. Gold- ¼ yard
  5. White on white print- 5/8
  6. Binding fabric-5/8 yard
  7. Backing fabric- 13/4
  8. White lace, 1 inch wide- 31/2
  9. Low-soft polyester battling- 1 package
  10. Threads- white and gold

In order to make baby quilts you can consider the following method:

  • Cut about twelve 51/2-inch squares, seven 101/4-inch squares and one 101/2-inch square. Cut the entire 101/4-inch square in half diagonally, so that it makes 14 triangles. Then cut 101/2-inch square along both diagonals to form 4 triangles.
  • Cut five 11/2*45 inch strips and twenty-four 41/4 inch squares from purple and pink print. Cut all squares in half diagonally so that it makes 48 triangles.
  • Cut four ½ inch squares and sixteen 55/8-inch squares from the lavender print. Then cut each 55/8-inch square in half diagonally so that it makes 32 triangles.
  • Cut four 101/4-inch squares from white on white print. Cut all the squares in half diagonally so that it makes 8 triangles. In addition, cut eight 55/8-inch squares. Cut all the squares in half diagonally, thereby making 16 triangles.
  • Cut eight 141/2-inch pieces of lace and cut 2*45 inch strips of fabric for binding.
  • Place gold pieces on large dark purple triangle, so that the edges are kept evenly at right angle.
  • Properly arrange squares and triangles into diagonal rows and stitch blocks into rows. Then join all the rows to make large rectangle.
  • Stitch the lavender square to each end and bottom border strips.

Layer the quilt front, battling and back properly and then baste it.