Cathedral Window Quilt Pattern

Cathedral Window Quilt Pattern

The cathedral window quilt pattern is an excellent example of the different art and craft forms that Cathedral windows, with their majestic wooden frames and stained glass magic, have inspired. Once you make a cathedral window quilt, you will love to have a part of the cathedral right in your home. Cathedral window quilt patterns do look good on bedspreads but you can also display them elsewhere, say, use it as a window curtain. When light seeps through the pretty-looking church window, the play of the seven colors will make a dreamland of your home.

Getting Familiar With The Cathedral Window Quilt Pattern

It is very simple to make a cathedral window quilt, as it requires no quilting process, but only patch working. All you have to do is iron down the edges of the fabric pieces and start sewing. If you want your cathedral window quilt to be warm and at the same time be looking bright and bonny on your bed, it is better, you use a thin layer of batting as well as a backing sheet in your cathedral window quilt.

The Quilting Job

The cathedral window quilt pattern is one, which is very much simple and can be changed by a fresh quilter in a creative style. The cathedral quilt pattern mainly consists of a number of circles, arcs and diamonds; squares can be included depending on the kind of pattern you are looking at.

It is to be noted that the cathedral window quilt owes its grand look to the cathedral window quilt pattern – the origami-style folding of the fabric, the layers of fabric and stitching and the jewel-like window tones.

The cathedral window quilt pattern requires you to have charm squares of around 3 ½ square inches for the “windows”. You can create a cathedral window quilt pattern by putting a different fabric in each window, or you could also go for alternate rows of bright printed charm squares together with rows of plain white cotton as the backing fabric.

You can use muslin cloth for the quilt and have cotton scraps for the windows. When the quilt is held up to light, it will be providing the “stained glass window” effect very prettily. You will have to use closely woven muslin for the quilt if you would like to use it to keep you warm at night.