Christmas Quilt Fabric

Christmas Quilt Fabric

Christmas will be near before you even realize it, so if you are thinking of gifting your near and dear ones beautiful and warm quilts then get started. The market is full of Christmas quilt fabrics. There are fabrics with beautiful Christmas designs on it for instance, snow flakes o n a cloudy night, colorful ornaments, wrapping paper designs or fabrics with the Christmas tree, stars and snowme n . Choosing the fabric is the most important job that you need to perform when you are making a quilt. Since there are various designs, textures, fabrics and patterns, it becomes very difficult to understand where to begin. There are some tips for choosing the right Christmas quilt fabric whether you choose to make a quilt from scratch and buy the fabric or a portion of it:

Is the Christmas quilt fabric colorfast?

You would certainly not want the color of your fabric to run when you wash it, so make sure that you wash the fabric before you are using it to make the quilt. If the color runs then at least the other fabrics will not be ruined.

Weave should be tight enough:

The fabric should be strongly woven so that it is able to withstand years of use and washing. There might be rips and tears if you are choosing a fabric that is not woven tightly. Choose a moderately woven fabric if you are planning to make a quilt for everyday use.

Start with cotton:

If you are a beginner at quilt making then it is better to use cotton before you move on to some other complex materials.

Color theory:

When choosing Christmas quilt fabric you need to keep the color theory in mind. This may sound to be easy but there are very few people who actually pay attention to this. They do not pay attention to this factor that can give the quilt the required balance or depth. Keep in mind that blue-based colors give a cold effect and yellow base colors give a warmer feel . If you place black and white next to these colors, it will have a very different effect.