Cotton Quilting Fabric

Cotton Quilting Fabric

Cotton is considered to be the world’s most popular fabric, especially for quilts. It is capable of absorbing up to 27 times its weight when soaked in water. Besides cotton quilt fabrics can be washed easily. You can even boil and sterilize the cotton fabric, as it can retain its shape even in extremely hot water . The advantage of using a cotton quilting fabric is that it can be used even during summer , as cotton fabric breathes perspiration to the surface. Moreover, in winter season, it can help absorb body heat.

It is essential to wash a cotton-quilting fabric, as frequently as possible as it tends to absorb moisture and dirt very easily. Though you can launder them in water of any temperature, try to wash the quilt more in cold water to avoid shrinking. Polyester was very popular during the 1950s and 1960s, but for the last twenty years cotton quilting fabrics have been in vogue. Cotton is considered a symbol of class and prestige among people across the world. There are a number of designers who use cotton fabric and blend it with lycra to create unique designs.

Cotton quilting fabric is synonymous with comfort and ease. You can use cotton quilt fabric to sew detailed patterns, so that it appears luxurious and offers complete comfort. Floral, striped, plaid or solid fabrics can be combined together into elegant patchwork patterns, blended with popular colors. You can easily choose any design ranging from ethnic to contemporary and use cotton quilt fabric for bringing out the best of the pattern.

Cotton quilts are considered to be the ideal bedding choice. While selecting cotton quilt fabric, make sure you choose the right color combination that can enhance the ambience of your room. If you have any particular color in mind then it is easier for you to select . But in case you wish to select it from a range of colors, make sure you select a color combination that suits your taste as well as goes well with the ambience. You can choose your favorite color and combine it with a good quality cotton fabric of same shade, a bit lighter or darker.

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