Dog Quilting Fabric

Dog Quilt Fabric

Generally no dog owner can bear the thought of his or her dogs shivering on the cold ground on a cold night. Many arrange for cozy beds, while others make beautiful quilts with especial dog quilt fabrics. The market offers many quilts ranging from small to large quilts from where you can choose a number of designer patterns for dog quilts.

You can use unique dog quilt fabric to incorporate it with different shapes and patterns. While selecting a dog quilt fabric, make sure you opt for a comfortable material so that your dog can rest in complete comfort. Always keep the size of the dog in mind, while making a dog quilt. If your dog sleeps on the floor then you will have to make a woolen quilt so that it can keep the animal warm. If it sleeps on the bed then you could consider a cotton or polyester dog quilt fabric.

Determining the right size of quilt for your dog is not a difficult task, but it needs thorough observation of the sleeping patterns of a dog. If your dog has a habit of stretching a lot then you should get it a larger quilt. Make sure you choose a dog quilt that can be washed easily. It should either be fully washable or at least have a removable and washable cover so that you can wash it whenever required. This helps to keep it clean and hygienic for the dog . The fabric should be chosen according to the weather and the comfort level one wishes to provide the dog with. Microvelvet fabrics are very popular as dog quilt fabrics. The fabric is versatile and repels pet hair, dirt and moisture that add convenience in cleaning the quilt on a regular basis.

Dog quilt fabrics usually have dog prints on it. Some of the dogs printed on quilt fabrics include Airedale Terrier, Dachshund, German Shorthaired Pointer, Great Dane, Schnauzer, Papillon, Collie, Vizla, Wheaten Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, German Shepherd, English Springer Spaniel and other recognized breeds. Dog quilt fabrics can also be used to make beautiful bed sheets, blankets as well as pillow covers.